How to Start Improving Your Credit Rating - You Can Clean & Repair Your Credit Score Yourself!



You need to work on improving your credit rating. There are essentially two steps to getting into better financial credit health. The first step is reducing the amount of outstanding credit card debt that you may have. The second step is almost as important as the first and that step is improving your credit rating.


Having excellent credit has never been more important than in today's current economic conditions. Getting approved for a loan or credit card can be quite a difficult task if you have bad marks on your credit dragging down your FICO score. What many people don't know is that removing bad credit history from your credit report is quite easy if you know how.


If you're in the market for a first credit card, you've probably come across a student credit card. These cards are designed for students particularly in college that are looking to establish credit. What students slowly find out is that there is actually an array of cards on the market.